The Sora Mixology

Unveiling the SORA essence.

SORA Beach thrives for transforming your days at the beach, offering top-tier hospitality, upscale flavors, and the most relaxing vibes. Here you will feel at home, whether you want to relax over some tapas and a refreshing glass of wine, after exploring the coastline, or you want to wear that exquisite outfit you’ve been longing to try on and enjoy the tastiest aperitif, followed by an amazing dinner. It all comes down to creating unforgettable moments, throughout the day, whether from some delicious homemade gelato, on a hot summer afternoon, to your favorite cocktails with the sound of the frothing waves, clearing your mind, while the perfect lounge music plays in the background. The SORA experience thrives for those picture-perfect moments, the soulful service, and the sweet sentiment of unwinding.
From Ocean - to table food concepts

On the sun-drenched coast of Praia de Falésia, offering uninterrupted vistas across the open sea, SORA Restaurant is nestled among the UNESCO-protected sand dunes.  A beacon of serendipity and endless relaxation, SORA becomes the most delightful haven.

SORA's reclaimed wooden walls, glass façade and expansive outdoor terrace create a stylish, yet warm ambiance.

At SORA, we bring our guests a dining experience that’s as sophisticated as it is soulful. Our modern cuisine is influenced by the diversity of cultures found in the region, but always made with the freshest, most seasonal ingredients right from our surrounding region.

Spectacular panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean grace Sora Beach. The restaurant serves lunch with a choice of indoor or terrace seating as well as plenty of dishes to share.  Sora's menu explores the gastronomic heritage and culture of Portugal’s most diverse regions, offering a contrast of humble and luxurious dishes like oysters, cataplana and freshly caught fishes of the day.

SORA smoothly transforms from day to night, engulfing guests in a rich tapestry of places where modern architecture meets nature for an intimate or joyous experience. A rich dinner menu is offered, as well as a craft cocktail menu with distinctive and traditional cocktails for a one-of-a-kind adventure. SORA’s offerings vary from all-time classics such as the Margarita, but also includes a range of originals that showcase local seasonal ingredients, unique spirits, and fresh herbs from the algarvian region.

Our expert bartenders take pride in delivering the premium quality and care for our cocktails as our chef's team does for each dish.

Our creative culinary team

Meet the Chef

Our chef’s culinary journey at the hospitality sector, began in 1999 at the "Hotel Concorde La Fayette," then followed the "Hotel Concorde St Lazare" with the chef Guy Pommelet (Executive Sous-chef of Jol Robuchon). His endevours continue at the "Potel & Chabot" in international events such as the "Rolland Garros ATP Tournament" and the "International Paris Air Show Le Bourget," right before making a comeback to hospitality sector, at the "Hotel du Louvre." His strong French influences, are perfectly portrayed in the effortless elegance of his creations. At the end of 2004, he participated in the ADF (Alain Ducasse Formation) for the establishment of the fine dining restaurant "L'olive" in Vila Sol. After opening the Lake Resort as a sous-chef, he took full command of the hotel's kitchen as Executive Chef in 2018, where he remains, creating a series of tasteful wonders, catering to the most demanding of appetites.
Vitor Moreira - Our Executive Chef