Utopian dining experience

The ocean-gazing marvel of Sora Beach unravels, as you enter its bohemian world of splendor. A true masterpiece of synthesis and expression unfolds, where the enviable outdoor setting meets the astounding algarvian tradition, in a delightful recital of edible offerings from soil and sea. The untamed ocean waves, set the perfect tone, creating a powerful yet soothing ambiance. SORA restaurant is all about fresh, and creative culinary offerings amid vibrant settings. While using the best local ingredients, we are attuned to global trends, infusing seasonal produce with an Algarvian twist to create dishes that often surprise and are always a delight. As a part of Domes Resorts & Reserves, SORA strives for the Domes standards of excellence.

Elegant Vibe

Colors, aromas, and effortless allure are the key elements that bring SORA to life. Time holds still, as you step onto our terrace, while the ocean breeze accompanies you to your table. Spectacular horizons of cerulean palettes, mix with yellows, golds, and firry pinks, compose a day-dreaming sensation, that will captivate your mind and soul.

Immaculate Flavors

Algarve cuisine is an enticing mix of seafood, meat, and delightful desserts. SORA showcases the relatively untouched by foreign influence, traditional Portuguese cuisine passed down from generation to generation. Taste the immaculate freshness at every mouthwatering bite and be part of this tasteful voyage.

Funky Drinks

Our team of mixologists take great care in crafting each cocktail. The premium spirits and fresh fruit are combined to create a handcrafted experience for you to enjoy alongside a wide selection of local wines and spirits. Immerse yourself in SORA's glamour sip by sip. Every drink has its own story to tell. Taste it, feel it, embrace it.

Top tier seafood creations

Endless culinary delights

Signature Dishes

The SORA point of view


Praia da Rocha Baixinha

Nascente Junto Unidade Balneário

UB3, 8200-379, Portugal

Opening hours


Monday – Sunday 12:00 – 18:00


Friday & Saturday 18:00 – 21:00


Reservations at tel: +351 934440194